Tam Versiyon: Face Masks
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N95 is the American standard and KN95 is the Chinese standard.The product is the same."N" represents non-oily particulate matter and "95" represents a minimum protection level of 95%. Both N95 and KN95 can provide good protection in daily life. Breathless valve mask: two-way protection, no matter the inhale or exhale must pass through the filter of the mask.Mask with one-way breathing valve: the wearer can only protect themselves, not the environment.It is recommended to wear a non-breathing valve mask.
The filtering ability of KN95 is better than that of ordinary masks and medical masks. In order to prioritize the protection of the wearer, the KN95 mask has the highest protection ability.As a very high level of protection, the KN95 mask is 5 layers, 2 layers of meltblown cloth +2 layers of non-woven cloth +1 layer of hot air cotton, which can filter more than 95% of fine particles.
Our KN95 mask has a high quality design for safe and comfortable breathing.More than 95% filtration efficiency, adjustable nose clip and adjustable elastic band provide safe tightness.Built-in sponge strips ensure comfortable wearing.Protects you from droplets, haze, smog, etc.Reduce virus infection in the population.Face Masks